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Don't have an Amazon account? Don't worry! 

If you do not have an Amazon account, not to worry you can still donate funds for new books. 

You may select items from the Top 100 K12 Books (list below) that have been checked out in the Yavapai Library Network!

Once you purchase them you can either drop them off or mail them to the:

Yavapai County Free Library District
1971 Commerce Center Circle, Suite D
Prescott, Arizona 86301

Don't forget to include your name and the name of the school you wish to donate the books too.


*  The average publication date of items in Yavapai County school library collections is 1984.
*  School collections are grossly outdated.
*  For most kids their school library is the only place they have an opportunity to check out books.
*  Average checkouts of popular books are 300+ and need replaced. 
*  School libraries have little to no budget for books or other materials.




You can always send a check! If you choose to donate money, we will purchase books on your behalf using our 46% discount. 

You can make checks payable and mail to: 

Yavapai County Free Library District 
1971 E. Commerce Center Circle, Suite D
Prescott, Arizona 86301

Please indicate your school of choice and your name so we may thank you. There is a minimum of $25 for monetary donations.

If you donate more than $250 you will be recognized at a Board of Supervisors meeting!

You may easily print and fill out the tax receipt below.

Yavapai County School Librarian

Profile Photo
Suzie Roth

Select a school. Order a book.


After visiting more than 30 schools in Yavapai County and seeing the same outdated and worn out collections I knew I had to do something....enter Bring on the Books!! WishLists created by each school to update collections and replace well loved and worn out books. It is easy! Select a school and order a book.  All orders will be sent to the Yavapai County Free Library District office for processing and then delivered to the school. Part of the processing includes a book plate with the donor's name provided on your gift receipt that comes with the books.

Thank you for your support!! 

Best regards,

Suzie Roth, MLS
Yavapai County School Librarian

Total Items Purchased as of 5/6/2024

Library Code Total Items Total Price
CJES 452 $8,913.92
SUSD 408 $6,233.49
THS 337 $5,908.35
LES 297 $5,598.82
ORME 228 $5,419.63
CSES 364 $5,100.25
AJS 301 $4,857.51
MVES 287 $3,960.09
MES 270 $3,826.55
GHMS 213 $3,774.92
GMMS 207 $3,637.01
GES 214 $3,533.82
BEA 259 $3,446.66
CVUSD 163 $2,929.39
SVES 170 $2,895.34
LVES 199 $2,812.04
BMHS 121 $2,639.44
HMS 141 $2,562.85
CANON 94 $2,496.03
HES 145 $2,439.77
AFSD 152 $2,432.74
BMMS 144 $2,415.85
LTS 121 $2,335.24
PHS 105 $2,219.69
CVHS 92 $2,218.26
PMH 118 $2,186.98
DEL 119 $2,184.86
SPR 98 $1,923.06
MUHS 85 $1,852.04
CVLAB 105 $1,847.73
PVCV 4 $33.00
Total Funding  6,013 $104,635.33